Pia Wurtzbach talks about transition, book launch and a song for boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey

Pia Wurtzbach

Queen Pia Wurtzbach returns!

A few days after she arrived from Morocco, Wurtzbach met select members of the entertainment press to open up about her plans, the book she's writing and the special song that made her much closer to her boyfriend Scottish businessman Jeremy Jauncey.

During a Zoom press conference sponsored by ACE on Saturday, March 6, Wurtzbach clarified reports that she's leaving pageantry for good which really broke the heart of her followers, also known as Pianatics.

"The thing is it has been a few years. So I think it's just natural to progress into other things. It's not that I am leaving pageantry like I'm never gonna watch or I'll never gonna judge pageants.  I will always have an appreciation of beauty pageants and Miss Universe because that's where I came from and it really changed my life," said Wurtzbach.

"But I am interested in other things now like I wanna get into business which is something I am slowly learning to learn. I don't get any formal education on it but I am really getting good advice and I am learning from experience. I wanna have my own brand. I wanna have my own products so that's something I am working on at the moment. I am not ready to quite launch it yet. I realized mahirap palang gumawa ng isang product. Matagal siya. But it's something very exciting and it's giving me excitement again."

"Slowly I am reintroducing again to my audience. People already know as Miss Universe but I feel like I need to speak to a new audience now and reintroduce myself as a real person. That's why I am sharing more natural posts on social media like doing make-up, yung ako lang. Being natural and replying with the audience as I can and I answer questions so they see another side of me," said the 2015 Miss Universe.

Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey

Wurtzbach is currently making a 14-day mandatory quarantine following her arrival from abroad. In December 2020, she left the Philippines to spend Christmas with Jauncey in London. Then they flew to the Maldives and later Morocco.

The German-Filipino beauty queen has also revealed a special love song that brought them closer together.

"Something that Jeremy loves is that sabi niya, nobody has even sung to him. So I started singing to him 'Especially For You' by Kylie Minogue kasi we were apart for five months. I played the karaoke version in my cell phone and started singing to him.

"He was moved by it. Sabi ko 'wow singer ba ako?' He's so touched because nobody has ever sang to him before and he said that was the sweetest thing I've done to him.

"Now that's one of his favorite songs and he would ask me to sing it for him," she said.

"Especially For You" is a classic love song by Australian singers Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. The song was never released in the US as a single but the track went to No. 1 in London on Jan. 1, 1989.

Asked how Jeremy is taking all the media attention he's been getting since they became a couple, Wurtzbach said that he's very relaxed with it.

"He's very sweet! He would always tell me there are many people messaging me, people love us, many people love you. He reads the messages and he replies to it sometimes. He's very accomodating," Wurtzbach said.

"Hindi kasi siya showbiz so nagre-reply siya sa mga tao and he's very chill about it. May joke na nga kami kasi he has followers in the Philippines and he would tell me 'I am big in Quezon City don't you know?' " she added.

Jauncey will visit the Philippines soon when the situation finally allows visitors from other countries, said Wurtzbach, although it won't be his first time here.

"He's been here several times. Kinuwento pa niya noon na pumunta sila sa CNN Philippines, ABS-CBN and he also had a big billboard by Bench on EDSA. Sabi ko nga sino 'to? Little did I know makikilala ko pala siya."

"So wala na siyang problem sa Philippines kapag pumunta siya rito. He'll be okay here. Anybody watching now, kapag pumunta siya sa Pilipinas and if you ask for his photos, he will accommodate it," the beauty queen said.

Asked why she did not pursue singing, Wurtzbach believes that it's not for her.

"Sobrang mahiyain talaga ako when it comes to my voice. I was never really encouraged to sing when I was a child and I don't feel I have the real skills. Hindi ako ganun ka-confident. I am no Catriona Gray. She is the singer. Singer ako sa shower," said said. 

Wurtzbach also said that she has finished her book but its release date has been delayed due to the pandemic.

"It's finished but I am not comfortable launching it just yet. I wanna be able to promote it. I want to experience reading it to an audience, signing it myself, reading it myself. I wanna have that experience of going on a book tour, going to the malls to promote it. Hopefully all of this will end. I just don't want to take that risk now. Baka magkahawaan at maging kasalanan ko pa. So I'm holding it just a little bit longer."

When asked about his favorite body part of Jauncey that she loves to kiss the most, Wurtzbach laughed and said: "Siyempre conservative tayo. Let's say the lips. Wow!" 

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