Pia Wurtzbach back in Manila after vacation abroad

Pia Wurtzbach

Home sweet home!

Pia Wurtzbach has shared that she has "safely" landed in Manila after several months of traveling abroad.

Recall that the Miss Universe 2015 flew to London last December and she spent the holidays with boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey.

During that duration, the two also celebrated their first anniversary as sweethearts. Then later, they visited The Maldives and Morocco.

Pia also penned an appreciation post to the hotel they stayed in Marrakech.

According to her, it was totally unplanned because they were just avoiding going back to the United Kingdom due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation there.

Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey

Despite she declared having the "best time" in the said foreign country.

"Felt right at home," was how she put it.

"Even though I was far from Manila and was working with a 7 hour time difference - I was able to make it work! Working from home and balancing that with some quality time," she added. "I also felt much safer there. A big thank you to @______willem__smit for making me feel right at home."

The beauty queen-actress then advises her followers to try and experience Morocco when traveling is back to normal.

"Not to force travel on anyone at this time but when you're ready and comfortable to do so, consider Morocco as your next out of country destination. First of all there's no visa requirement for Filipinos and Moroccans are really so warm & welcoming. @elfennmarrakech was a breathtaking riad to stay in. I consider myself a very lucky girl for calling this place my home."