Why Solenn Heussaff's daughter Tili watches cartoons in other languages

Yesterday's Instagram stories of Solenn Heussaff showed a glimpse of how it's like at home when she's conversing with her daughter Tili. She can be heard speaking to Tili in a mix of French and English languages.

Fans and followers couldn't help but wonder why Solenn preferred to speak to her daughter in another language other than English and Tagalog. Here are her answers:

"She hears English every day with everyone so she will learn it fast.
She hears Tagalog every day at home and with family, so it will come naturally just like English.
French only with me and my dad
Spanish only with Nico.
So she needs more exposure with both languages. And when she watches in Spanish, I get to learn, too!
So I'm not sure if she will identify all languages or think all four are one haha..."

"Anyway, read in many books, the more languages you expose a baby to, the better," she ends.