No historical inaccuracies in ‘Snowdrop,’ BLACKPINK Jisoo’s debut drama, JTBC assures


“We ask you to refrain from misleading the public opinion by framing false information about a drama that has yet to air as if they are facts.”

This was the appeal made by JTBC to netizens who are seeking the cancellation of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s debut drama,” Snowdrop.”

JTBC has finally responded to claims of historical distortion for BLACKPINK Jisoo’s debut drama after over 100,000 Koreans netizens petitioned to cancel the drama even before it airs.

“Snowdrop” is the second drama to be swarmed with allegations of historical inaccuracies after netizens forced SBS to cancel supernatural drama “Joseon Exorcist” after only two episodes. The ₩ 32 billion fantasy drama already completed 80 percent of the filming when the announcement was made, leading international audience to appeal to Netflix to save the drama and make it available on the streaming platform.

As Korean netizens turned their attention to “Snowdrop,” JTBC stood firm in its decision to pursue the drama and addressed point for point all of the allegations hurled against it.

The network allayed the fears of audience that the drama will disparage the pro-democracy movement, since there is not a part where characters participate or lead the moment, based on the script.

They also clarified that the drama will be centered on the political situation surrounding the 1987 elections and not the pro-democracy movement, as fans were earlier led to believe.

The statement further emphasized that the story is a fictional tale “about the military regime, the NSP, and others in power at the time colluding with the North Korean dictatorship.”

They clarified that the names of the characters also do not represent real life pro-democracy activists. JTBC conceded that Jisoo’s character’s name will be changed in the drama to disassociate her with actual historical figures.

After allegations of historical inaccuracies, several sponsors and advertisers have already pulled out of the project. The drama is set to air on JTBC this June.