Maine Mendoza shares details of Arjo Atayde's surprise birthday bash for her

Maine Mendoza was only too happy sharing with fans minutiae surrounding her recent 26th birthday. 

She related via a blog, "I thought a simple birthday dinner with my family and a few close friends would be enough to celebrate my 26th year of existence. Given the situation we are in, throwing a party is just so wrong on many levels. That would be the last thing I’d do for my birthday, next to not celebrating at all."

But Maine knew her boyfriend, Arjo Atayde, wouldn’t let the moment pass doing nothing.

"Not that I ALWAYS assume that he’s ALWAYS planning something.. but knowing him, he has his ways to make any special occasion EXTRA special," she said.

She went on to share how Arjo is good at pulling off surprises.

"He never accidentally or deliberately drops a hint," she said. "Like he has mastered the art of surprises.. and I am not surprised at all." 

Then she went to detail how Arjo organized an out-of-town trip in the South for her 26th.

"I was so happy! I was surprised! I couldn’t believe they made it to Batangas to be with me on my birthday. (….uhm, but my family made it to Palawan last year??? #satruelang) Because I was with my family the night before and nobody accidentally spilled a thing – that was way more surprising. I was sooo happy. Thank you Arjo for, once again, getting my family and friends together – and for, once again, pulling off a successful birthday surprise," she shared.

Maine said they spent the whole afternoon boating; taking photos and relishing every moment, eventually capping it off with a "lovely dinner."

"I have been wanting to spend some quality time – outside work – with some of the few gems I found in showbiz; and my birthday seemed to be just one of the perfect days. I am grateful for their presence and the gift of friendship. Thank you, geysh," she wrote.

"For the last time in this entry, thank you Arjo for the birthday surprise. I love how you always include my family and friends in your birthday paandars. You don’t know how much it means to me to be with the people I love on my special day; as well as to my family and friends for being part of your surprises. Indeed, no material gift can top the presence of your loved ones. Thank you bubba – for everything."