Is Frankie Pangilinan frustrated over Sharon Cuneta and Darryl Yap?

Frankie Pangilinan

It seems like Frankie Pangilinan is not okay with her mom being on the cast as MILF on "Revirginzed," or so it seems.

It starts with Frankie tweeting, "when will we have enough women getting ripped apart for entertainment?"

One netizen noticed this and retweeted, "If we'll stop supporting and giving platforms to guys like Darryl Yap. Oooops. *sips tea."

Last March 5, Yap's controversial "genre-breaking film" "Tililing" premiered, resulting in mixed reviews from film critics.

On the same month, Frankie Pangilinan's mom, Sharon Cuneta was announced to star on Yap's "Revirginzed" which is also criticized for labelling the megastar as MILF (Mother I'd Like to F**k) on her lead role.

Sharon doesn't mind being labeled as MILF for the film.

Going back to the tweets, she responded with a series of tweets that reads,

"Why do y'all think I have control over people around me (fr) for real"

"For the last time, I have no control over the things that members of my family do or opportunities they're given. (crying emoji)"

"Like I wish I did??? I'm just as frustrated??? But don't pretend (ur) you're able to do the sam (w) with (ur) your (ppl) people too (cmon) come on."

"I'll always have a conversation and I'll always make my thoughts known ha but that's (abt) about as far as it goes, I can't change minds or manipulate anybody that's not my style so (pls) please do not hold me accountable."