Quick win over RRQ a complete surprise, admits Onic's Baloyskie

Published December 16, 2021, 12:12 AM

by Reynald I. Magallon

Onic Philippines’ 3-0 sweep over RRQ Hoshi came as a huge shocker that even the Filipino players did not expect the game would end that quick.

Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy shows his emotions after his Onic Philippines swept RRQ Hoshi. (Photo from Moonton)

RRQ was the heavy favorites to win the match given the history of the two squads where the Indonesian’s ‘Kings of Kings’ swept Onic PH during their match in the MPL Invitational last month.

Onic, however, stunned RRQ with a sweet sweep to drop the Indonesian squad to the lower bracket – a match that the Filipinos expected to go the distance especially against a team of RRQ’s caliber.

“No, not of course. We know RRQ is very strong but we’re confident to win maybe 3-1 or 3-2 but we’re not confident on winning that game (in a 3-0),” said team captain Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy in an interview after the game.

After winning the first two games, Onic PH is expecting a huge retaliation from RRQ in Game 3, that’s why Baloyskie quickly grouped his team and reminded them to keep their focus in the game and be wary of a potential comeback from the Indonesian squad.

“We have so much respect on RRQ that’s why I told my teammates to don’t relax. Don’t celebrate too early because they can comeback that’s why we are focused game by game and we’re glad we beat them,” added the veteran roaming/ support who remained vocal during every end of the game to keep his teammates in check.

“RRQ is very strong and we experienced a comeback before that’s why I don’t want to happen it again,” added Baloyskie.

Indeed, RRQ engineered an assault in Game 3 as it quickly took control of the match behind the early game prowess of Alberttt on the Lancelot. The crew, however, failed to capitalize on the 8k gold lead early on and three Luminous Lords on their side as Onic PH threw the kitchen sink towards RRQ just to defend its base.

With late game beasts like Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol’s Natan and Marky “Markyy” Capacio’s Harith on Onic’s hand, the PH bets banked on its solid base defense anchored on Jaylord “Hatred Gonzales’ Pharsa and Gerald “Dlarskie” Trinchera’s Esmeralda.

Baloyskie made sure that his squad remained calm during that point as they waited for an opening to initiate their counter attack

“Nung nalulugi kami ng Game 3, sobrang chill lang naming kasi wala talaga silang panapos ng game tapos yung mga hero namin kayang kaya talaga mag def kaya confident kami na kaya naming manalo,” explained Baloyskie whose Onic team made RRQ pay for its crucial late game miscues.

Onic PH then completed the 15-15 comeback win to ice the series and secure a spot in the upper bracket finals.

“Gumagawa sila ng mga unusual mistake na pinapunish namin.”