LOOK: A new zoo in Clark, Pampanga

After being locked up for almost a year and a half, kids definitely deserve to enjoy the outdoors. But parents can make it something more special than just a walk in the park or a selfie with Christmas decorations in the malls. Why not visit some place, where more than having fun, they could also learn something new? How about a zoo?

Young Aetas, the first guests to visit the zoo, cross the bridge at Clark Safari.

Now, if you’re wondering where? NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) Lakbay Norte, a media familiarization tour that aims to promote safe and fun travel, is introducing a new family destination that just opened recently—the Clark Safari and Adventure Park in Clark, Pampanga.

A guest makes a wacky face while the Jaguar pose for the selfie.

Being in Clark Safari, which houses 70 species or a total of 1,500 animals, is like seeing in the flesh the kid's favorite cartoon characters from Lion King and Jungle Book. There are lions, meerkats, hayena, brown bears, tigers, and wolves.

Simba's family
Timon the meerkat
A kid waves to Baloo the bear

But what’s more amazing with the new zoo is you can learn the importance of environmental care while having fun. In fact, Clark Safari is taking custody of rescued animals such as the horses affected by Taal volcano eruption, the Philippine Macaque turned over by Department of Natural Resources (DENR) Pampanga, and the pelican bird found in the province Aurora.

Peli, the rescued bird in Aurora, spreads its wings as zoo visitors peek thru the glass cage.
The horses that were affected by Taal volcano eruption.

For a closer encounter, you can get to pet wild birds and albino python as well as feed a tamed bear cat. Also, little kids can enjoy a back ride on a miniature horse named Shakira. Not to mention that you can have a photo session with them for a more memorable experience.

A boy enjoys his horse ride while his mother takes his photo.
King Kong movie scene for My Day photos

The 15-hectare phase 1 zoo also made sure that every corner of their park is instagramable. There are statues of different huge animals like elephants, giraffes, gorilas, and a Kingkong movie scene where you can strike a pose for your My Day.

Clark Safari attendant shows guests one of the crocodiles.

By the way, with the park's enormous space, you can easily keep your distance with other guests. Then the province’s fresh air is also a plus even if you keep your mask on at all times. In this time of pandemic, Clark Safari president Romy Siccion is happy to have the opportunity to serve Filipinos a piece of happiness through being one with nature.

First time in the Philippines — a black wolf.