Keeping the cabin clean

Published December 10, 2021, 9:02 AM

by Inigo Roces

Cases may be going down, but that doesn’t mean we should let our guard down. While we may feel safe inside our car’s cabin, it’s no guarantee that the car’s cabin is clean as well.

Air Purifiers

One the ways to keep cabins clean is with an air purifier. Newer car models have advanced N95-rated cabin filters. Yet for those of us still driving around older vehicles, there’s a way to ensure that the air we breathe in our car is also safe.

One of these is through in-car air purifiers. These new gadgets clean the cabin air as we drive. They only require a connection to the car’s power port. Simply place them in a secure position in the cabin and rest assured you’ll be breathing in clean, purified air.

Blaupunkt offers two kinds of air purifiers specifically for the car.

The AP 1.1 is a tumbler-sized car air purifier that fits neatly into your cup holder. It features triple-layer filtration, HEPA-11 filter, air quality indicator, UV germicidal lamp, smart fan control, aroma fragrance holder, and more. Price: P4,985. Available at Blaupunkt official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

The AP 2.2 comes in a unique, slim design that you can position on any flat surface and even strap on to the back of your seat for use in multi-row vehicles. It features triple-layer filtration, HEPA-13 medical-grade filter, PM 2.5 indicator, smart fan control, and filter change notification. Price: P6,685. Available at Blaupunkt official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Handy wipes

Nothing keeps the cabin clean like wiping it down yourself. Prestone, a product of the Clorox company, now offers disinfecting car wipes to quickly clean any problem areas. Wipe down the high-touch areas of your car interior while you’re on-the-go. The Prestone Car Disinfecting Wipes are made to effectively disinfect interior surfaces, killing 99.9% of germs and viruses, including COVID-19, while being gentle on your skin.  Price:P60-P150. Available at The Hygienist Store on Shopee and Lazada.