2 cops injured in 'accidental firing' in police training camp; PNP orders probe

Published December 8, 2021, 12:07 PM

by Aaron Recuenco 

Gen. Dionardo Carlos, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), ordered on Wednesday, Dec. 8, a thorough investigation into the accidental firing inside a police training school which resulted in the wounding of an instructor and a rookie cop.

Based on an initial report from the Police Regional Training Center 1, the instructor identified as Police Corporal Benie Dupayat and his trainee, Patrolman John Conrad Villanueva were at the middle of a firearms familiarization session when the gun malfunctioned and discharged a round.

The firearms familiarization involves a demonstration of the operating functions of a caliber.45 pistol.

Dupayat was hit on his hand while the fired bullet ricocheted hitting Patrolman Villanueva in the thigh. Both injured personnel were treated at the PNP Regional Hospital.

Carlos said there is a need for a review of policy on weapons training to preclude similar incidents in police training courses involving live fire exercises.

“If accidents like this can happen in training even under controlled conditions, it is likely to happen anytime during the course of normal police functions involving firearms and live ammunition,” said Carlos.

Carlos, himself a qualified firearms instructor and weapons specialist reminded that “the firearm is standard police equipment that must be handled only by properly trained personnel with updated training certification on firearms proficiency and safety”.

“We will determine the veracity of the claim that this was purely accidental, at the same time, we remind our instructors to ensure safety at all times. Safety is paramount in weapons training and every instructor must not fall behind this primary consideration,” said Carlos.