Teresa Loyzaga takes up the cudgels for AJ Raval

Published December 7, 2021, 2:05 PM

by Neil Ramos

Teresa Loyzaga is quite close to her son Diego Loyzaga’s girlfriend Barbie Imperial.

At one point she even dubbed her a “special lady.”

But it doesn’t mean she would readily take her side when it comes to public squabbles.

Just recently, Teresa offered words of support for AJ Raval, who, prior, earned the ire of Barbie for being romantically linked to Diego.

In a message, Teresa, who is currently in Australia, urged the public to refrain from hauling over the coals the young sex nymphet.

She said: “Naranasan ko na sira-siraan noon. Ang paninira sa ibang tao ay hindi kahit minsan naging solusyon.

“Nakilala ko si AJ. She seems like a nice girl, and kilala ko din ang dad niya,” she added, referring to action star Jeric Raval.

She pleaded further: “Sana tumigil na ang paninira. Life should be happy. Lahat nagkakamali at nadadapa.”

She went on: “Let’s respect AJ also. Sana si Chismosong Frog ang layuan niya.”

Teresa didn’t name names but it is obvious to those following the brouhaha who she is referring to.