Balanga diocese releases reflection on coming elections

Published December 6, 2021, 10:33 AM

by Christina Hermoso

Balanga, Bataan Bishop Ruperto C. Santos has released a diocesan reflection on the coming elections with the hope of guiding voters to vote responsibly.

Bishop Ruperto C. Santos (Manila Bulletin file)

The diocesan reflection in the form of a dialogue between a priest and a voter seeks to guide the voting public to vote according to their conscience and to be perceptive in their choice of candidates.

In his reflection, Bishop Santos reminded voters not to be overwhelmed by fiery speeches. Rather, voters should look at how the politician lives his life, which he said, must be respectable and dignified.

“He must lead by good example and live an exemplary life. His way of life should mirror what we can expect from him,” he said.

“In addition, do not be attracted by what he gives. You should not be carried away by how much he donates. Who knows he is merely donating what he stole from others. You must examine how he earns his living and compare it with his statement of assets and liabilities he submits to the Commission on Audit. Does he earn more than what they receive from the government and from their business? Is it legal and moral? Judge for yourself how he works. And know for yourself how he values work,” the Church leader said.

“Don’t let yourself be bought. Your vote is worth more than the price of gold. It is your right. Don’t let someone toy with your right,” Santos stressed.

The bishop, likewise, reminded the public not to be impressed by the litany of achievements of a candidate, or to choose based on popularity but to vote for the future of the country and the next generation.

“Don’t rely on publicity. Don’t be moved by surveys or by ‘praise’ releases. Do not be captivated by his external appearance nor be attracted by his celebrity status but by his life-example. God has gifted you with talents and a free will. Use them for the best of our country and for His greater glory. If we consider the betterment of our people, then we must have the best choice for our country. To choose misfits and opportunistic candidates is to condemn our country to a miserable tomorrow. The future lies in your hands, so choose wisely and vote responsibly,” Santos reminded voters.