Robredo explains what 'radikal magmahal' means

Published December 3, 2021, 10:34 PM

by Ellson Quismorio

If you’ve heard the phrase “radikal magmahal” or radical love recently and wondered what it meant, then this article is for you.

Vice President Leni Robredo receives pink roses from her supporters (OVP photo)

It’s basically Vice President Leni Robredo’s radical response to the heightened trolling her camp has been dealing with ever since she made her presidential bid in May 2022 official.

Robredo gave context to the catchy phrase during her interview with the “Megastar”, Sharon Cuneta. The 75-minute interview was uploaded to the latter’s YouTube channel, Sharon Cuneta Network, on Friday night, Dec. 3.

Robredo said she and her running mate, Senator Kiko Pangilinan found the outpouring of support for their election bid shocking, especially in the countryside.

“Everywhere we go–hindi ko alam kung nakwentuhan ka na ni Senator Kiko–ng mga pinupuntahan namin sa Tarlac, tapos yung pangalawa sa Bacolod, grabe yung tao (I don’t know if Senator Kiko has told you his stories–the places that we’ve been to like Tarlac, and the second one in Bacolod, there has been a lot of people),” the opposition leader told Cuneta. Cuneta is the wife of Pangilinan.

But Robredo said the flipside of the in-person support that they’ve been witnessing is the more vicious attacks against her on social media.

“Yung supporters namin syempre dinedefend kami. Eh para sa akin kasi hindi siya magiging–ano to–hindi magiging productive kung yung mga supporters namin mag-aasta troll din. So sinasabi ko yun kasi may tendency silang awayin na din (Of course our supporter have been defending defending us. But for me, it won’t be productive if our supporters end up acting like trolls also. I say this because there’s a tendency that they’ll argue),” the lady official said.

“Yung context nun, madaling makipag-debate, pero mas radikal yung magmahal. Parang para sa akin, ine-encourage ko sila na mas maging mapagmahal, mas maging understanding. Na huwag kaagad susunggab sa away (The context is, it’s easy to engage in debate, but it’s more radical to love. For me, I encourage them to be more loving, to be more understanding. Don’t dive right into a quarrel),” Robredo explained.

Cuneta agreed. She said that for her, radikal magmahal is an appeal to Filipinos to “reach out more” and to counter negativity with positive actions.

“Sa tingin ko naman, slowly making progress kasi everywhere we go, sasabihan na kami ng supporters, ‘Ma’am, inis na inis kami eh, kaya lang inalala na lang namin yung sinabi mo. So kami, chinannel na lang namin sa iba yung inis namin (I think we’re slowly making progress because everywhere we go, our supporters have been saying, ‘Ma’am, were really annoyed, but we remembered what you said. So we just channeled our energy to somewhere else),” Robredo said.

This rechannelled energy has resulted to various small-scale outreach programs that benefit Filipinos regardless of political leanings.

“So yun yung sinasabi namin na instead makikipag-away kayo, mag-feed the hungry, tutor the children…so sila happy sila that they are doing it (So that’s what we’ve been saying, instead of quarreling with others, go feed the hungry, tutor the children…so they’re happy that they are doing it),” she said.