Former upper division team Lilgun gave newcomers InterActive PH a quick reality check as it clobbered the Filipino squad, 2-0, in the DPC SEA Winter Tour Division II on Thursday, Dec 2.

Photo from InterActive PH

The Mongolian team proved to be too much for the closed qualifier winners and scored two lopsided victories in their best-of-three matchup.

It was a wire-to-wire win for Lilgun in the series opener as it dictated the tempo right off the gates. Sukhbat “Sanctity-” Otgondavaa put on the early work as he quickly got his items to dominate the Filipinos using his Templar Assasin which finished a perfect game of 16-0-4 KDA.

Altanginj “x123” Bilguun also showed up for Lilgun with a near-flawless 14-1-12 showing on the Broodmother to help his team draw the series’ first blood after a swift 35-11 drubbing of IAP.

The Filipinos tried to recover and stage a fightback in second game behind Sandro “Luciano” Deldo Aguinaldo’s Pangolier but its efforts quickly went futile against the better and stronger Lilgun team.

Munkh-Erdene “eleven” Battsoo unleashed his Mars in Game 2, finishing with an impressive 17-3-17 KDA to power his team to a 42-15 close-out that saw his team dominate from start to finish.

IAP, which also lost in the first and second open qualifiers before topping the closed qualifiers, will have a chance to redeem itself when it battles first open winners Ragdoll on Dec 8.

Lilgun on the other hand hopes to sustain the fiery start as it engages another Filipino team, Polaris Esports, on Dec 9.