Can we talk about how chic Maymay Entrata looks in her #Mpowered era?

Published December 2, 2021, 10:19 PM

by John Legaspi

The 24-year-old pop star is serving one amazing look after another

Ever since her debut on “Pinoy Big Brother,” young star Maymay Entrata has captured the audience’s hearts with her infectious personality and all-around sunny demeanor. This time, she is blowing everyone’s mind with her vocal chops with the release of her album “Mpowered,” with “Amakabogera” as a banner single—which, by the way, is a total bop. Not only is she impressing listeners with her vocal runs, this 24-year-old singer is also dressing for the job, giving a new and stylish spin on artist imagery in the Philippine pop landscape.

Maymay Entrata (Photo by Amiel Kirby Guevara Balagtas)

If you’re obsessed with this budding pop star’s style just like us, you’re in luck as we are listing some of our favorite looks she has been serving in her current musical era, styled by the dynamic fashion duo Rain Dagala and Em Millan. Better hit that play button on “Amakabogera” because these looks deserve one smashing anthem for their entrance.

Let’s start off with this stunning red moment courtesy of Zarate by Aram Loe. This truly made an impact not only for its vivid color but also for its sophisticated and high fashion sense, presenting Maymay’s evolution from that sweet and bubbly housemate to one talented lady.

What’s a pop star without a few sparkles? Maymay brings a perfect mix of edgy and elegance with this punk rockist and bedazzled look by designers Marc Rancy, Jun-G Candelario, and Russel May Cordero.

In case you forget the name of her track (as if), this jacket got you covered. Russel May Cordero crafted a piece with a floor-length train that screams “Amakabogera” through crystals and sequins that captures the light whenever the young pop star is on stage.

Another hard and soft duet, Aram Loe demonstrates her master skills in crafting elegant wear and contemporary pieces with Maymay’s fringed metallic performance look paired with a dreamy pastel pink robe with ruffled sleeves.

Classy yet full of character, Ehrran Montoya’s living coral and lilac sculptural satin ensemble is a mixtape of youthful fashion and couture. The attention to details, from the asymmetric folds on the skirt and the voluminous draping on top to the cascading side peplum, makes this look one “kabogera” fashion moment.