Starting Wednesday, Dec. 1, the Philippine National Police (PNP) will start accepting applications for the issuance of the Certification of Authority (CA) which exempts individuals from gun ban and withdrawal of police security during the election period.

PNP spokesperson Police Col. Rhoderick Alba said the filing of application may be done online

through the Commission on Election’s official website:

According to Alba, these are the requirements for the application:

1. CBFSC Form No. 2022-06 downloadable at COMELEC website

2. 2×2 photograph

3. Threat assessment

4. CBFSC Form No. 2022A-06DA (Certified by the concerned government agency

Alba said the PNP will assist in the issuance of threat assessment and will endorse the approval to grant to application, through the Joint Security and Control Center (JSCC).

But he said it will only be done if it is deemed urgent and necessary.

Under the COMELEC Resolution 10728, the poll body set regulations on the ban on the Bearing, Carrying or Transporting of Firearms or Other Deadly Weapons; and Employment, Availment or Engagement of the Services of Security Personnel or Bodyguards in the duration of the Election period from January 9, 2022, to June 8, 2022.

All the political aspirants will be informed through a letter that their security detail will be recalled.

Meanwhile, all recalled police security detail are programmed to undergo the VIP Security and Protection Refresher Course.

Exempted from the recall of security detail are government officials namely; President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of National Defense, Secretary of the Interior and Local Government, Chairman and Commissioners of COMELEC, Chief of Staff, AFP, AFP Major Service Commanders, Chief, PNP and Senior Officers of the PNP.