Cryotheraphy, mobile cold chain storage launched in PH

Published November 30, 2021, 5:44 PM

by the Manila Bulletin Team

HIGH TECH MOBILE STORAGE — The high tech container MCF-8 for the transport and safe deep freeze cd storage for COVID-19 vaccines was launched in the Philippines by Deutsche Motorgeräte, Inc. on Nov. 26, 2021. In photo taken during the launch are: (from left) Fred Hui, from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Enrico Klauer, CEO of Mecotec GmBH; German Ambassador to the Phils, Anke Reifenstuel;DMI President Jesus Co; Joshua Co; Mrs Helen Chiang Co; Deputy Executive Director & Head of Trade Promitions, GPPCI German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Bandelow; Dr. Joy Ty Sy; and Jinnie So.

Deutsche Motorgeräte Inc. (DMI), in an exclusive partnership with Mecotec, GmBH, launched in the Philippines on Nov. 26, Asia Pacific’s largest three-room whole body CryoChamber — the CryoAir Multi+, and the MCF-8 for the transport and safe deep freeze cold storage at -20°C (-4°F) to -80°C (-112°F) for COVID-19 vaccines.

Cryotherapy, or “cold therapy,” is a medical technology where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for between two and four minutes.

Cryotherapy at a temperature of -110C supports treatment in professional sport by enhancing fitness and rehabilitation . While in the clinical setting, it is known to reduce inflammation and pain from rheumatic conditions, and support regeneration.

CryoAir Multi+. A 3 room, pure- electric, nitrogen-free , whole body CryoChamber.

“With one goal of optimizing one’s immune system for a healthier, more productive and improved quality of life, we are very excited to share the benefits of our Cryotherapy Chamber for medicine, sports and lifestyle,” Jesus Co, president of DMI, said.

DMI is the distributor of German engineered products in the Philippines.

Mecotec, GmBH is a world leader and pioneer in the field of freezing technology,

Co also unveiled the high-tech container MCF-8 for the transport and safe deep freeze cold storage at -20°C (-4°F) to -80°C (-112°F) for COVID-19 vaccines.

Co said the facility can also be used as a distribution center in an existing facility for the administration of vaccines to the public.

With the ramp-up of vaccine production and the need for booster vaccinations, the demand for ultra-low temperature solutions to safely store the vaccine immediately after production continues to rise.

With our certified solutions in the field of mobile and stationary deep cooling of pharmaceutical products, such as in the case of COVID-19 vaccines, we cover an important area within this logistics chain,“ said Enrico Klauer, chief executive officer of MECOTEC GmbH.

“This pandemic is far from being over and it takes joint efforts and partnership to be successful,” Ambassador Anke Reiffenstuel said.

“We need vaccines, adequate and proper cold storage and a strong health care system. But we can overcome it through partnership and cooperation,” she added.

I’m optimistic that the alliance between Germany and the Philippines will continue to help improve the health and wellness sector of our country, as well as coordinate efforts to ensure an equitable return to normalcy and global recovery from the pandemic, Dr. Sy said.

The event was attended by Ms Charlotte Bandelow, deputy executive director and head of trade promotion, DE International of the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (GPCCI); Deenad Subdramurthy, MECOTEC GmBH business development director, MECOTEC Asia Ptd. Ltd., a subsidiary of MECOTEC GmbH based in Singapore; Mr. Fred Hui and Dr Adrian Ng of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( PCCI).

The cryochamber is located at the FROZFIT Facility at #8 Tagdalit Street, Quezon City.