The SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles was packed as Grammy nominees BTS held their first in-person concert in two years.

BTS kicked off their “Permission to Dance on Stage-LA” concert on Nov. 27 to be followed by three more on Nov. 28, and Dec. 1 and 2.

BTS at the press conference on Nov. 28 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles (Photo courtesy of BigHit Music)

Before the concert on Nov. 28, BTS held a press conference at SoFi Stadium where they talked about holding their first in-person concert in two years and meeting BTS ARMYs again, performing in person at 2021 the American Music Awards (AMAs) and getting nominated for the second time at the Grammy Awards.

BTS at the press conference on Nov. 28 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles (Photo courtesy of BigHit Music)

The last time BTS held an in-person concert was in October 2019 through the “2019 BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself The Final” in Seoul, South Korea.

“It feels so good to be able to hold a concert like this in two years. It was very sad and very difficult for us because the life we ​​took for the past two years was not taken for granted. Because of today’s concert, I’ve been really looking forward to it and preparing a lot. I came with full of excitement. I want to give happy energy to ARMYs,” said V, according to Korean media.

Suga said, “It’s been almost two years since the pandemic, and I’m also very excited to hold a face-to-face concert. While performing yesterday, I thought it might be a dream and I was very nervous because it has been a while since I did it.”

He added, “It seems that things like this have always happened since I debuted eight years ago, and debuted in the US four years ago. When I thought about how easy it was to do either one, there was none. Each time, we have always overcome those barriers with our own efforts, and this performance is the same.”

“I thought yesterday that our strength is that no matter what barriers we have in the future, we can continue to face without fear through our efforts. I want to say that I will continue to challenge and overcome these barriers in the future,” said Suga.

About the concert, Jin said, “I wish to hold a concert with more ARMYs. After this concert, I also want to hold a concert in Korea, and there are plans. We ask for a lot of interest and anticipation for our concert in the future.”

BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Los Angeles (Twitter)
BTS backstage at their Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Los Angeles (Twitter)

Jungkook said, “We received a lot of love this year as well as last year. After the pandemic started, we wrote songs that contain our hard and honest feelings, and songs that contain hope and comfort to overcome this moment together.”

RM said he was moved to meet reporters in person after a long time. “I felt that same feeling when I saw the fans yesterday. It seems that it still exists. We always showed the music and performances that we are good at, and it seems that small moments like these have led to such a miracle. Starting with a face-to-face concert again, I felt again that it was the beginning of a new chapter. It was a difficult time for both BTS and everyone. Through this concert, we also want to show how BTS has grown over the past two years. Thank you for being with us.”

Jin said before we went up on stage on the first day of their LA concert on Nov. 27, they gathered together in the waiting room and talked. They said that if they made “ON” as the first song, they would cry. J-Hope said, “I almost cried.”

BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Los Angeles (Twitter)

At the AMAs last Nov. 21, BTS won Artist of the Year, the highest honor, and Favorite Pop Duo or Group and Favorite Pop Song for “Butter.”

It was the first time that BTS performed face-to-face at the AMAs and at the Nov. 27 concert. When asked how they felt, Jungkook said, “I honestly couldn’t feel it at all until the AMA awards ceremony. What we always say is that when we go to such a place, the shouts of the ARMYs give us a lot of strength. I think it helped a lot with yesterday’s concert.”

During the announcement of nominees for the 64th Grammy Awards last Nov. 23, BTS got nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Butter.” This is their second straight year to be nominated in the category.

Jin said the award that they have not received yet is a Grammy so they want to get it.

BTS members were also asked about their secret to maintaining sincerity despite their huge global success,

“Actually, it seems very simple. I think 50 percent of the secret to success is ARMYs. Each member is 5 percent, so it is 35 percent, and rest seems to be the result of HYBE and Big Hit Music,” said RM

He added, “When I think of success as a trophy, I think that the only part I occupy is a very small tip. If I think of it as the success of many people, not my own, it seems to lead a humble life. I think that kind of mindset will help me survive.”