Albie Casino reveals what he hated about being in 'PBB'

Published November 25, 2021, 12:41 PM

by Robert Requintina

Albie Casino (Instagram)

Actor Albie Casino has found his freedom after he was evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house recently.

Actress-host Toni Gonzaga-Soriano caught up with the hunk for her vlog “Toni Talks.”

In their conversation, Albie revealed to Toni what he hated being inside the PBB house.

“We couldn’t take a shower whenever we wanted. May shower call eh. Ang dami namang oras na walang ginagawa sa bahay pero kuya bakit bawal akong maligo? Nagbuhat ako kanina. I’m smelling weird na,” said the smiling Albie.

Toni reminded Albie there are rules to be followed in PBB, to which, the actor agreed.

Asked why he accepted the offer to join PBB, Albie said: “I wanted to change public perception of me at first. I wanted to show people I’m more than the issues. I want to think I’m a funny guy and easy to get along with. Pero pagpasok ko doon, baligtad na nga eh.”

Albie also shared what he learned in Bahay ni Kuya. “I got to know myself more. And that’s priceless.”

He also promised to be more careful of his comments after he was criticized for saying “super fat” remarks against his former girlfriend Andi Eigennman.

“I am no filter and outspoken, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say whatever I want. I still have to be careful whatever I have to say,” he added.

Albie admitted that his mood changes whenever they would bring up something about Andi to him.

“If someone brings her up to me, it’s not good emotions that I’m feeling. I’m only human. I want to think of myself as unfiltered. That’s why I said those things. In my mind, well, they publicly ruined me. They had me assaulted. They dragged my family. That was going through my head,” he said.

Albie has apologized for his “super fat” comments against Andi.

“With the platform that I have, I shouldn’t be saying those things. I regret saying it. With my platform, I want to spread positivity. Again, sorry. I made a mistake. I’m human guys, I learn day by day,” he added.