Bongbong-Sara supporters slam VP Leni's fake Facebook caravan post

Supporters of the BBM-Sara Uniteam in Abra Province have slammed the altered photograph of their ‘unity ride’ on Sunday, Nov. 21, that came out on social media as a caravan of Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp.

According to the Marcos information office the photo which showed throngs of Marcos supporters in red shirts gathering along the Kalinga National Road in Lagangilang and crossing the Don Mariano Marcos Bridge was posted by supporters of Abra Rep. JB Bernos and the Abranian Riders’ Alliance led by Joel Lingbaoan shortly before noon Sunday.

A few hours later, the same but edited photo designed to make the red color appear as pink and tagged with the trademark Leni logo was posted on Facebook under #Laban Leni 2022, Ilocos.” After receiving reports of the incident, Abra ‘unity ride’ organizers and their followers took to social media and slammed the fake photo.

“This is a desperate attempt to hide the truth and a dastardly act to claim what was not theirs,” said an irate Marcos-Duterte supporter.

“Badly edited picture speaks well of what the Pinklawans are willing to do just to defy and hide the avalanche of support that the Marcos-Duterte duo enjoys,” another BBM-Sara Uniteam follower said.

Shortly before 11 p.m. on Sunday, more than 12 hours after the questioned photo was posted, Robredo’s camp came up with a statement denying that they were behind the posting of the viral photo.

A few minutes later, the same statement came out on Twitter under Abra For Leni#DapatSiLeni, but it was too late as it already went viral in social media platforms. (Melvin Sarangay)