Why is Kim Domingo still single?

Published November 17, 2021, 12:13 PM

by Neil Ramos

Kim Domingo broke up with her boyfriend cager Mike Acuña in 2019.

She has been single since.

It’s a wonder for some, believing that someone as hot as Kim wouldn’t have a hard time finding new love.

So, what gives?

Is she still hurting?

Has she sworn off men?

None of the above.

According to Kim, she simply isn’t ready to be in a relationship at this point.

Yes, she has suitors, lots of them, some of them cast mates from “Bubble Gang.”

But she said, “HIndi pa talaga ako ready sa ngayon e.”

So when?

Well, Kim is actually leaving it to fate.

But don’t hold your breath.

Kim, it seems, doesn’t know what she wants in a partner exactly.

She said, “Meron akong parang gusto pero hindi naman siya ‘yung talagang pag naka-meet ako ng lalaki e kailangan. Hindi siya requirement. Kasi ako kung sino ang ibigay ng Diyos ‘yun yun. Hindi naman natin talaga alam kung sino ibibigay sa atin e.”