Did you know your health can benefit from drinking barako coffee?

Published November 13, 2021, 1:15 AM

by Manila Bulletin

It’s true—Kape Barako would help make wonders for your health.

For most people, starting the day right wouldn’t be complete without their daily dose of caffeine, especially now that working from home has now been the new norm. Given that there’s a blurring line between personal and work life, it’s just hard to function without that extra boost to jumpstart all the necessary tasks to accomplish.

But did you know that all this time that you’ve been drinking coffee, you’re not only simply energizing yourself up; rather you’re also positively impacting your health. And like anything else, quality matters for the coffee that you drink, too. In fact, one of the best coffees in the market is said to be Barako coffee.

Kape Barako is unique in the sense that it has a strong flavor but it is also distinct because its chocolatey character is mixed with spice and floral undertones. And to maximize flavor and body, the beans are best roasted from medium to dark.

It’s critical for coffee to be of very good quality and to be freshly and properly roasted depending on the bean type and origin. According to The Figaro Group’s (TFG) Roast Master,Randy Catapang, by using quality beans and following the best practices in roasting them, it can improve a person’s “energy levels and reaction time, being a positive fat-burning supplement by increasing metabolic rate, contributing to daily requirements of essential vitamins, and can even lower risk of getting Type 2 diabetes up to 50 percent as well as boost life longevity.”

So, it only makes sense for any coffee company like TFG to partner with coffee bean farms which harvest in a nature-friendly and organic way. Coffee cherries should be hand-picked only at optimum ripeness to safeguard its sweetness and full-flavor notes. Then ripe cherries should exhibit a full red and glossy color. Because if the beans aren’t harvested properly, no matter how well you roast your beans, it would be meaningless—consistency of the quality from the start is the key.

To illustrate, have you ever wondered whenever you’re drinking Figaro Coffee’s signature house blend that the taste is just irresistible? It’s because they have been incorporating Barako in its blend. This gives it a smooth lingering flavor with a hint of sweetness at the end with no bitter aftertaste. This is because their roastmasters make it a point to inspect every small detail from the start until the moment they’re crafting your coffee, ensuring that every customer would get their much needed wake-me-up boost whilst also making wonders for their health.