Janno Gibbs and Manilyn Reynes reunite in 'Mang Jose'

Published November 10, 2021, 9:42 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Janno Gibbs as ‘Mang Jose’

“Mang Jose”, the superhero that Parokya ni Edgar created and introduced as a song back in 2005, will be seen first on Vivamax Plus this November! Now a superhero movie with a twist, “Mang Jose” joins other extraordinary films that Vivamax is known to deliver.

Janno Gibbs stars as Mang Jose who has a special ability of energy absorption and redirection.

People in need of saving call upon him. But the catch is, they must have some savings to be able to pay him thereafter. Mang Jose’s services can actually cost a few thousand bucks.

Janno Gibbs

Now causing havoc in the city is King Ina, played by Janno’s former love team partner, Manilyn Reynes. When people drink the milk tea called Peace Tea, King Ina is able to control their minds and make slaves out of them. King Ina’s army is called the Turborats.

When the Turborats abducted Tina (Bing Loyzaga), her son Tope (Mikoy Morales), a call center agent, hires Mang Jose to get her back safe and sound.

This rescue mission will most likely cost Tope a fortune, but the discovery that he and Mang Jose will make along the way is priceless.

Bing Loyzaga

The movie is full of fight and laugh-out-loud scenes. Mang Jose and his wacky sidekick Charlemagne (Jerald Napoles) promise to take the audience to an out of this world experience.

Janno and Jerald worked together in the recent 2020 MMFF International Film Festival entry Pakboys.

“Mang Jose” also serves as the big screen reunion of Janno and Manilyn after over two decades. The JannoLyn tandem was one of the biggest love teams in the ‘80s, so even if they play rivals in this comedy-fantasy film, avid fans will be delighted about this reunion project.

Manilyn Reynes

Bing Loyzaga’s participation in her husband’s movie is an added bonus. As for Mikoy Morales, it can be said that “Mang Jose” is the start of many big opportunities as he is named to join in an iconic superhero series very soon.

Directed by Rayn F. Brizuela, “Mang Jose” was featured at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) in South Korea last July. It was not the first time for director Brizuela to have his movie included in an international film festival. His first feature film, “Memory Channel” (2016) was in competition at the World Premiere Film Festival.

Experience first the power of “Mang Jose” on Vivamax Plus, the newest pay-per-view service of Viva starting Nov. 17, 2021 and catch it on Vivamax this Dec. 24. Go to web.vivamax.net or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store or Huawei App Gallery.