Kris Aquino shares details about upcoming wedding with Mel Sarmiento

Published November 9, 2021, 7:18 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Mel Sarmiento and Kris Aquino

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino has updated fans on her upcoming wedding with former Department of the Interior, and Local Government Secretary Mel Sarmiento.

In her recent post, a netizen commented: “I super love ms kris but now kris (heart emoji) mel na god bless you both anticipating your grandest wedding entrance ms kris excited much.”

But Kris politely burst the online user’s bubble.

“I don’t mean to be a spoiler nor disappoint you, but our wedding is going to be TINY and super private,” she said.

“Totally not what you’re expecting,” Kris said.

Other fans said they are excited about her wedding.

Some comments:

“@krisaquino will still be the wedding of the “century””

“@krisaquino excited na kaming mapanood ang kasal nyo kahit tiny lng.”

“@krisaquino I think private is the best rather so bongga tapos maghihiwalay nman, please when the wedding is done, allow us to watch the video”

“@krisaquino this shows how much you love him, Ms. Kris! I’m a fan of yours since grade school and followed you since then. The Kris I knew and grew up watching and admiring was far from being “simple”. She’s always extra glamorous. But true love made you compromise and settle. He must be very special. As a fan, I am extremely happy that you’ve found your “the one”. I love seeing you happy… genuinely happy!”

“@krisaquino I believe we will all understand! What matters most is your union with your love for each other! I pray to God that He’ll bless and guide you both! I’m so happy for you Kris! I know your mom and dad are happy as well! Congratulations I’m so excited”

“@krisaquino ate Kris alot of the times the best blessings in life are best shared with those closest to our I pray blessings of unsurmountable happiness, prosperity, good health and most of all God’s presence in your marriage”

“@krisaquino I love private and privacy”

“@krisaquino small intimate weddings are the best. You will get to savor the confirmation of your union with only the closest and most meaningful people to you.”