FASHION PULIS: Clear the air

The lack of publicity on the appearance of Versatile Talent (VT) left many in wonder. Usually, social media would hype new talents making an appearance in a network’s various programs. In the case of VT, the silence was enough to catch the attention of Influential Head (IH).

VT belongs to the celebrities who, instead of remaining idle and waiting for projects, decided to risk their careers. In other words, VT sought assignments and created opportunities.

Nonetheless, the risk was high for VT. Although VT had several projects, visibility was insufficient to ensure a place among the A-listers. Slowly, VT’s relevancy seemed to lessen. VT took action and approached IH. IH’s team was excited to have VT, but realized their venture lacked support from Higher Heads (HH).

IH talked to his contacts who told him that an order came from HH not to make a big deal of VT. IH learned of a misunderstanding allegedly attributed to VT’s camp that placed HH in bad light. Hence, VT cannot even work with HH. Realizing the importance of HH, IH apparently intends to reach out to clear the gap between VT and HH. After all, VT would still be a valuable asset in the future.

‘Nothing changes until people decide to do the things they must, in order to bring about peace.’ ― Shannon L. Alder

Friendship Done

Female Celebrity (FC) and her Best Friend (BF) shared an admirable relationship that was praised by their fans and colleagues. Their friendship seemed genuine and strong; that was until Gorgeous Man (GM) entered the picture.

FC and GM hit it off. BF kept her distance as the two were becoming serious. One day, BF found herself knowing about the existence of New Dude (ND) in the life of FC. She kept quiet, minded her own business, but defended FC and ND. Meanwhile, FC and ND did their own thing in secrecy. The rumor reached GM and he stayed away from FC.

Soon, BF and GM found themselves together, which was perfect for FC. However, FC wanted GM to say something positive about her. He said he was busy. FC formed her conclusion that BF might have said negative things that made GM distant.

Time passed and FC and BF grew apart. The rift widened as they pursued diverse interests. Later, BF heard about a comment of FC that seemed to put malice in her personal life. Instead of confronting FC, BF dismissed the statement as she would rather live in truth and face her numerous commitments.

‘Keep people who love you, motivate you, encourage you, enhance you, and make you happy. If a person does none of these things, let them go.’ – Anonymous

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