GOSSIP GIRL: Andrew E’s secrets to 30 years of success

Published October 26, 2021, 7:32 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

Andrew E

Probably the humblest man I know is Andrew E. For a span of 30 years now, he is still at the top of his career with his most recent movie
“Shoot Shoot” belonging to the top 10 movies to watch in the Vivamax streaming app. A few days ago, the rapper-comedian-actor just finished the sequel to the successful “Sanggano Saguapo’t Sanggago” with Dennis Padilla and Janno Gibbs. So what is the secret of his success?

Andrew E knows how to thank God in good times and bad times

“Most people thank God for the good times and question him for the bad times. The key is to thank him whatever time it is in your life whether it is a good time or a bad time. When I auditioned for the first time in show business 30 years ago, I was not accepted. Instead of questioning God, I ended up thanking him and surrendering to him. I said Lord thank you kahit hindi ako natanggap. I surrender to you everything and I know you have a greater plan for me.”

Andrew E and family

Andrew E is a good family man
When you sow good seeds, you reap them. And that is why the rapper- comedian is so blessed. With sexy screen partners half his age like Sunshine Guimary and Aj Raval in “Shoot Shoot,” it is so pleasant to find out that Andrew E is still married to the same woman, Mylene Espiritu, for 21 years with three intelligent kids that have great academic standings – Andrew Fordie, Ichiro and Jassley. I am friends with Mylene and I remember she told me in a trip to Japan that her man has always made her happy and never gave her a headache. As the saying goes, “happy wife, happy life”.

Andrew E in ‘Shoot Shoot’

Andrew E is a musical genius
You need to be a genius to be able to think of songs and raps that cater to the taste of not only my generation (Batang 90s) but also the millennials and Gen Z TikTokers. Andrew E tells Gossip Girl, “One day, my children went up to me and said papa is this a new song you wrote because it’s all over TikTok, and it’s going viral. I was so shocked to see and hear my songs “Shoot Shoot” and “Aussie Aussie O Sige” that I wrote decades ago being danced by Gen Z children not only from the Philippines but all over the world and not just children but women, parents, and grandparents as well. I have posted them in my Instagram to show appreciation. I even posted your TikTok dance Giselle of my song “Aussie Aussie O Sige” along with two Caucasian grandparents from another country dancing the same music. I am so humbled that TikTok has featured my music and that all these people all over the world have chosen my music to dance to when come to think of it there are thousands of music choices in TikTok. My utmost gratitude to everyone what chose my songs.”

Andrew E listens to his parents and grandparents

Andrew E closes his interview with me with advice that his grandfather told him. “My grandfather always told me, never reach for the stars because it will take you a hundred years, and you will still never reach it. Instead, reach for the dirt you step on. It will only take you 30 seconds, and it will be in your hands. Stay grounded. The day you accept fame should also be the day you are ready to lose it. Fame is not long-lasting. So for those who have tasted popularity, you should prepare yourselves for the day it would be taken away from you. This way it would be easier to accept the truth.”