PH ranks 111th in COVID-19 case fatality rate worldwide

The Philippines ranked 111th among countries worldwide in terms of case fatality rate of individuals infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-19), data from the World Health Organization (WHO) showed.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director-General Enrique Domingo reported this latest development citing the WHO world rankings of countries based on data as of Oct. 25.

(Photo from the presentation of Food and Drug Administration Director-General Enrique Domingo)

Case fatality rate

Globally, the country was at 111th spot with a case fatality rate of 1.50 percent.

This was two places up from the previous 113th spot according to the data presented on Oct. 12 by Health Secretary Francisco Duque III.

Based on the rankings, the Philippines remained at fifth spot among member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Myanmar took the top spot with 3.76 percent, followed by Indonesia with 3.38 percent, then Vietnam with 2.45 percent, and Cambodia with 2.30 percent.

Active cases

The Philippines moved down to the 27th place from the previous 20th spot in the total active cases worldwide.

Topping the list is the United States of America with 9,507,117 active cases, followed by the United Kingdom with 1,492,025 cases.

Compared to other ASEAN countries, the Philippines ranked fourth with 60,957 active cases.

Thailand, which had 101,000 active cases, was ranked first, followed by Malaysia with 75,947 active cases, and Vietnam with 61,289 cases.

Deaths per population

Globally, the Philippines moved down to the 124th place from the previous 122nd place with 375 deaths per one million individuals.

But the country remained at the third spot among ASEAN countries, behind Malaysia with 863 deaths, and Indonesia with 516 deaths.

Cases per population

In comparison to countries worldwide, the country took the 134th spot having 24,728 cases per one million population

Likewise, the Philippines ranked fifth among ASEAN countries, following Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Thailand.