Get Diego Loyzaga’s hunky bod

Published October 22, 2021, 6:29 PM

by Neil Ramos

Sure, genes got something to do with it.

But it isn’t as if Diego Loyzaga was born all buffed up.

He did put in some effort.

You too can look as hot as Diego.

In a recent interview, the actor shared with us some tips.

According to him it’s all about the right diet: high protein, low carbs.

And nonstop working out.

He said: “It’s not easy. It took me six to eight months of non-stop working out and dieting. Until now, salmon lang or chicken breast ang kinakain ko.”

His advice to those who want to trim down?

“As much as possible, eat less than what you need in a day. That’s when you start losing fat.”

Also, lift more weights.

“It’s actually by lifting weights that make you look good. If you’re into cardio then you’ll be kind of skinny,” Diego explained.

It also helps to maintain a positive outlook.

“Sometimes it sucks, sometimes you don’t always get the things that you want, life isn’t always easy. But things always do get better. You just have to learn to live and find the positive in every situation. Be happy. Find happiness somewhere,” he shared.