This app will keep your memory sharp

Published October 20, 2021, 4:26 PM

by Noel Pabalate

And you’ll have fun answering questions

One of the activities in school that students surely miss is the quiz bee, a competition that tests students’ intellectual capabilities in different subjects. This type of brain contest, with students pressured by time and the desire to emerge on top, is indeed exciting and fun. And in this game, no one loses because everybody gains by filling their minds with new information.

But did you know that you could organize a quiz bee while at the comfort of your home? Using the VSmart Quiz app, a free mobile application, you can compete with others who are online by answering thousands of questions covering several topics on Filipino, English, math, science, history, arts, sports, and many more.

How answering a question on the VSmart app looks like

The educational game app has a set of questions distributed to three difficulty levels—low, medium, and high—that players can select. To get the right answer, a multiple choice is given. But be sure to be fast and sharp in reading because there’s a time limit.

To create an online quiz bee, you can select the group and versus group mode. Then, you can join or create your own group, come up with a name, and even select an avatar.

In the group mode, a maximum of five players can answer the questions for three rounds. The versus group mode, on the other hand, lets a team compete with another team. So these modes are recommended for teachers and school organizers planning to stage a virtual quiz bee among their students.

There are two more modes available in the app: versus and solo. The versus mode lets you search a random opponent online while solo lets you challenge yourself and earn more points as you go from one level to another. By the way, acquiring more points can put you on the leaderboard.

VSMart Quiz mobile application developed by Vibal Group

This new dynamic application is available to download at Google Play and Apple App Store. To register, users can simply use their email addresses and Facebook accounts.

Currently, the app has a five-star rating. Reviews are nothing but praises because users find it educational and, at the same time, entertaining. Not to mention, the questions are really interesting and challenging.

VSmart Quiz App is developed by Vibal Group who aims to make online teaching and learning more user-friendly and convenient for schools, teachers, and students.