Hello, beauty junkies! Your favorite made-in-Korea skin care products are here

Published October 20, 2021, 10:54 AM

by MB Lifestyle

If flawless Korean-like skin is your #skingoal, then here’s a line of authentic products that you can buy locally at a very affordable price that are guaranteed safe and uncomplicated to use.

Ever Organics is a Korean-inspired skin care line by Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. Made up of paraben-free, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free products that are all made 100 percent in Korea, this brand promises to be friendly to skin care newbies and enthusiasts alike. Launched in early 2020, Ever Organics brings Korean skin care essentials that give you a straightforward Korean glass skin glow. From soothing gels to sheet masks, pore serum and face mists, here’s all you need to know:

Ever Organics Soothing gels

Soothing Gel
The cold weather in Korea helps a lot in making skin smooth and supple. To recreate and lock in that effect, soothing gel is best recommended for Filipino skin. Not only do they give the skin a cool and soothing feeling, it also aids in skin brightening and refining the pores.

Ever Organics’ soothing gel comes in five different variants that also offer added benefits, such Tomato for sebum regulation and prevent excessive oiliness, Aloe Vera for skin repair, Ice Jeju Aloe to soothe redness and calm irritated skin, Snail Aloe to aid in collagen production for younger-looking skin, and Papaya to help you brighten your skin.

Ever Organics Sheet masks

Sheet Mask
Sheet masks are staples in any Korean skin care regimen. Used daily, they help improve skin hydration and, depending on the formulation, can also provide other benefits. Ever Organics has a complete range to address common skin care needs.

Aloe Vera is good for hydrating and soothing irritated skin, while Vitamin C helps brighten skin and protect it from harmful UV rays. Charcoal helps tighten pores and purify the skin from deep seated dirt, while Snail extract helps firm up the skin and even out complexion. Green Tea is good for clearing up the skin from impurities and helps reduce acne, while Collagen smoothens and boosts skin elasticity for that coveted youthful glow.

Pore Serum
After daily cleansing and toning, applying the Ever Organics Pore Brightening Serum gives the skin a boost of Vitamin C, which accelerates collagen and elastin production to help keep the skin plump and firm. Using Vitamin C serums regularly is said to prevent premature aging of the skin and helps restore the skin’s youthful and smooth appearance.

Ever Organics Face mists

Face Mist
Skin care doesn’t stop at moisturizing at the end of your morning or evening routine. Carry around the Ever Organics Face Mist in Aloe Vera and Ice Jeju Aloe variants and give your skin a boost of hydration anytime.

Ever Organics is available in all Ever Bilena Direct Sales dealers and partners nationwide. For reselling opportunities, call or text 0925-8010012 or message via Facebook or Instagram. Check out the complete line of Ever Organic products from Ever Bilena Direct Sales brochures or visit the website or Facebook page to view the list of products and complete benefits.