Goma to push for revival of death penalty in Congress

TACLOBAN CITY - Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez plans to revive the death penalty for heinous crimes and big-time drug trafficking if he wins as representative of the 4th legislative district of Leyte.

"There should be a heavier penalty for heinous crimes especially for drug trafficking, otherwise, we will become a narco-state," Gomez said.

As to the opposition of the Catholic church, Gomez stressed the separation of the church and the state, citing their gains on their anti-illegal drug campaign in Ormoc.

He also lauded President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war, without which, according to him, would not have helped Ormoc turn into the safest city in the country from being the drug capital in Eastern Visayas.

Ormoc is the first city in the region to have been declared as drug-cleared in 2016.

He expressed confidence that he will be leaving the city under Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez' care who is seeking her first term for mayor.

"She will carry on the good things and have her programs as well. She will make Ormoc better because she's very detailed."