AJ Raval unbothered with rumors linking her to Aljur Abrenica

AJ Raval is not at all affected with ongoing talk about her supposedly making sweet music with Aljur Abrenica.

In fact, she just laughed it off deeming it "fun."

This is what she told Xian Gaza, among those who helped spread the rumor on social media.

Xian has apologized about it already.

But AJ told him, "I appreciate it but u don't have to apologize. It's your content. Actually, it's fun. Naging Marites na ako sa sarili kong buhay."

Marites is social media slang identifying obnoxious if also entitled people dipping into various issues.

Note, however, that AJ didn't deny the rumor.

But she didn't admit to it either.

Aljur himself is still silent on the matter.