Korean fans issue statement about ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ star Kim Seon-ho

Korean fans have issued a statement regarding actor Kim Seon-ho, star of the just concluded drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.”

Kim Seon-ho’s name is No. 1 among most popular articles in Korea that stemmed from an online post made on Oct. 17.

Kim Seon-ho (Instagram)

The Male Celebrity Gallery on the Korean online community DC Inside issued a statement on Oct. 18 defending Kim Seon-ho and vowing to protect him.

“Currently, there are reckless speculations about actor Kim Seon-ho, and there is no way to suppress our tragic feeling, so we are announcing an official statement,” they said.

They added, “Kim Seon-ho made his debut in the play ‘New Boeing Boeing’ in 2009, and then entered the career as an actor based on his experiences in the theater industry. He solidified his position as an actor by playing various roles from the 2017 KBS2 drama ‘The Strongest Deliveryman’ to the recently ended tvN ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.’”

The fans added that Kim Seon-ho’s dream is to become an actor who can take on various roles and in order to accomplish that, he emphasized that he had to cultivate himself not only in acting but also in personality and disposition.

“‘I want to become an actor who looks like a person who can be easily seen in real life no matter what role I play,’ he expressed his bold ambition and stood in front of the public with a consistent image, continuing to fulfill his promises up to this day,” according to the statement.

It added, “As a result, fans cannot tolerate serious criminal acts that cause indescribable pain to the victim by spreading groundless facts through videos, posts, or comments in an online space that anyone can see, or defaming people such as swear words and insults.”

“Creating and distributing false facts online, as well as distributing false information created by others through videos and posts, is a crime that falls under the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection, Etc. and defamation under the Criminal Act. It is a criminal offense that is subject to criminal punishment,” the statement added.

The fans vowed that “Kim Seon-ho's fans will continue to track and monitor the criminal acts of those who defame actor Kim Seon-ho by spreading false information and destroying a man's personality with serious abusive and insulting remarks, without any leniency or tolerance. We inform you that we will take all possible legal actions such as criminal prosecution and claim of civil damages.”

“Therefore, please immediately stop any act that creates or spreads false information that defames actor Kim Seon-ho, and further causes psychological damage, and delete all existing defamatory posts,” they said.