How seedless fruits changed the way consumers eat

Published October 18, 2021, 12:00 PM

by Patricia Bianca Taculao

People love eating seedless fruits. This is because, most of the time, fruit seeds are large and pesky, causing a slight inconvenience to those eating them.

Seedless fruits are a result of parthenocarpy, or the event of producing fruit without proper fertilization. It can occur due to human intervention, nature, or a mixture of both. 

Photo by Nadi Lindsay from Pexels

Because seedless fruits lessen or remove the chances of people biting into seeds, more consumers have started eating these kinds of fruits even more. Some of the top seedless varieties that have become popular among the public are grapes and oranges. 

Markets and groceries are clamoring to meet these demands, prompting farmers and major players in the fruit industry to produce seedless fruits. 

Another reason why many people aren’t too keen on eating fruits with seeds is that even though seeds contain fiber, they don’t boost the fiber content that’s present in fruits. Ultimately, they just want to experience fresh fruits, their flavor, and their health benefits without having to spew out seeds now and then. 

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