Of pink and perspective

Published October 16, 2021, 12:12 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


This past week, the color pink made waves, leaps and bounds in the political world, as well as on social media where my entire feed seemed to be painted pink – between breast cancer awareness month and political preferences. But I choose to keep this space apolitical (for now, at least) and so I will not be discussing choice of campaign color. Rather, I will share with you all, how the color pink has touched and influenced my life – reflecting on it more than ever this week, it truly is amazing how much meaning and emotion a color can bring about. 

Without a doubt, during campaign period and election time, we read into the meaning of certain colors more than others so much more than usual. There is more caution and vigilance in terms of what color flowers to send someone, or what color shirt to wear during this time, for instance, in the hopes of either making a statement, or not offending anyone. Indeed, colors on their own when meaning is fused into it can make a statement – bold and loud. They can also trigger emotions, both positive and negative. 

In my case, as I talked about previously, the color pink has always been one of positivity, courage, strength and hope. Since 2014, I have associated the color pink with healing, miracles and blessedness after my mom – whose favorite color has always been pink – overcame her breast cancer ordeal. The color pink will always remind me of her – a woman of resilience, tenacity, courage and strength. One who is a blessing not only in my life, but in the life of others as well. Pink, because of her, has to me become a color of selflessness and love. A color that transcends social barriers and that unites. A color, that will always make me smile. 

The color pink has put so much into perspective for me. It is reminiscent of a sisterhood fought with so much strength that unites all women from all over the world who has fought a similar battle, or is going through some sort of hardship. It is a color that has humbled me, has prodded me to strengthen my faith, and has given me so much hope and promise. It is a color that motivates me to do more because I will always associate blessings, bright and better tomorrows with it. Most importantly, it is a color that will forever remind me of God’s greater plan and God’s hand in everything – that at the end of the day, surrendering is the strongest way of showing our faith. When the matter precedes us, we must let go, and let God. 

And so in this time of uncertainty that is what we do – we let go, and let God. For in the end, regardless of whatever color choice we make or favor, His plan will always prevail. But for now, let us choose to see life through rose-colored lenses and in my case, choose to see things in a positive light – pink or otherwise, and choose to live a life of pink.