Albert Martinez on rumored romance with Faith Da Silva: ‘I’m not bothered’

“It’s show business.”

This is what Albert Martinez said when asked concerning rumors about him supposedly romancing young actress “Faith Da Silva,” his co-star in the upcoming GMA show “Las Hermanas.”

He went on: “I’ve been in the industry since 1981 as you know so I’ve heard it all before. Been there, done that. It’s okay. I’m not bothered.”

The issue started as a blind item.

Albert and Faith’s names ultimately came up courtesy of internet sleuths eager to make a mountain out of a molehill.

With both keeping silent about it, many now believe it to be true.

But is it really?

Albert is non-committal.

He said: “It was my intention to make our characterization for the show believable and I think the speculation helped. It made the whole thing look and feel real. Nakatulong sa show I think, sa process namin so, not bad at all.”

But is he open to finding new love at this point in his life?

The actor replied: I’m still going through a process. You know, I lost a loved one. But if I meet someone in the future that will make my heart beat again, why not? But now I’m just enjoying my kids, my grandchildren, and work.”