Pasay City Mayor Emi sets rules for cemetery visits

Published October 15, 2021, 12:02 PM

by Jean Fernando

Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano issued an order setting the schedule of visits to the city’s cemeteries and columbaria as these venues will be closed from Oct. 29 up to Nov. 2.

Rubiano said the city government only allows burial and crematory services during “Undas”.

She said people can visit their departed loved ones on the days before and after the closure period.

She, however, said that individuals below 21 or more than 60 years old, with comorbidities or other health risks and pregnant women are prohibited from entering the burial sites.

Rubiano likewise said that a maximum of one-hour stay will be strictly imposed within the cemeteries.

Those who will visit the cemeteries, crematoriums and columbaria must bring their valid identification cards and quarantine passes. They must also observe basic health protocols like the wearing of face mask and face shield, and practice physical distancing.

Rubiano added that a maximum of 50 persons at a time will only be allowed inside the cemetery premises and 20 in the columbarium every hour.

The scheduled visits to cemeteries and columbaria in the city are as follows: October 18- 19 (Zone 3 and 4); October 20-21 (Zone 5 and 6); October 22-23 (Zone 7 and 8); October 24-25 (Zone 9 and 10); October 26-28 (Zone 11 and 12); November 3 to 4 (Zone 13 and 14); November 5-6 (Zone 15 and 16); November 7-8 (Zone 17 and 18); November 9-10 (Zone 19 and 20); and Sundays for Zone 1 and 2, including visitors from other cities.