Beauty brand unveils AI-Powered skin analyzing technology

Published October 15, 2021, 5:34 PM

by MB Technews

Innovation is in the POND’S DNA. As the Philippines’ biggest beauty brand, and with 150 years of history in providing generations of women with pioneering products and services, POND’s has stayed true to its mission of being a trusted brand that provides women across the world with solutions to address their ever-changing beauty needs.

Watsons PH and POND’S unveils the Skin Advisor Live (SAL) Smart Mirror

Launching for the first time with Watsons and backed by the POND’S Institute, POND’S unveils the Skin Advisor Live (SAL) on SAL offers a unique virtual beauty experience, and was developed using cutting-edge AI and AR technologies that provide users with near-instant skin analysis and personalized day and night skincare regimens tailored to their skin type. Drawing from data gathered from 1 million sources, POND’S SAL can provide users with accurate solutions to their skin concerns. 

With POND’S SAL, users have a convenient way to get skin advice from the comfort of their homes, making it especially useful now that dermatology clinics have become less accessible due to lockdowns. POND’S SAL on the Watsons online platform is also easy to use: users simply click on the Skin Advisor Live icon on the Watsons homepage, and then take a photo using SAL. In less than 8 seconds, users can get their free skin analysis and Skin Scores, and personalized day and night skincare regimens, which are designed to help users focus on key areas like brightening, hydration, acne prevention, and skin aging.

POND’S SAL provides the next best option for users who wish to get expert updates on their skin condition and a deeper understanding of how to best care for their skin. It utilizes artificial intelligence technology to power its skin analysis, relying on a combination of machine vision and machine learning methods to detect faces and lighting conditions, and to extract and analyze facial information.

After completing the POND’S SAL journey, users receive an exclusive gift. Once they finish their skin analysis and are given a personalized skincare regimen, they will also get a Php100 discount voucher that can be used to purchase their recommended POND’S products on for a truly seamless shopping experience.

“Our mission has always been to provide consumers with expert skincare solutions to give them the most flawless, beautiful skin every day. When faced with so many beauty choices available online, we  understand it can be challenging for consumers to pick the right skincare  products for their needs,” says Rohit Bhasin, Global Brand Vice President POND’S. “Powered by AI, POND’S Skin Advisor Live (SAL), we can help consumers to quickly find the products that suit their unique skin type and skin needs.  Now they don’t have to rely on trial and error in hopes of finding the best fit for their skin, making shopping for beauty products an enjoyable experience.”