Jensen Gomez reigns our screens with queens for 'Yas Queen'

What do you get when you compose and produce a song for queens? Not one, not two, but three videos to celebrate them!

The dance pop-funk single “Yas Queen'' featuring neo-soul singer Dani Idea of DANIDEA was written, composed, and produced by Jensen Gomez himself. Having grown up surrounded by queens such as his mother, sisters, and friends, he wanted to write a song inspired from and dedicated to them. Although he initially wrote “Yas Queen” for another recording artist to perform, Jensen ended up using this as his carrier single for his Phases Vol. 2 EP because of the positive message he wants to advocate -- self-love, confidence, and empowerment to anyone and everyone who identifies themselves as queens!

Staying true to its essence of “Yas Queen” being a song for and of queens, Jensen Gomez bows down from the spotlight and lets queens reign our screens for the lyric video, dance video, and music video of the single.

Just as the song goes, “I’m a queen and I’m having such a good time!”, the lyric video for “Yas Queen” shows the Idea sisters having the time of their lives while they sing their hearts out regardless if they’re in pajamas or sporting their ‘90s outfit in their rooms by themselves. What does the lyric video tell us? Queens don’t need kings to have a good time, they are more than fine on their own.

Fitting of a queen’s description, the dance video of “Yas Queen” exudes grace, power, confidence, and beauty as top Filipina ballerina Denise Parungao-Phillips captivates us with her long lines, strong jumps, and enjoyable moves. Using dance as her form of expression, Denise is all smiles as she boldly dances on a rooftop to confidently shout to the world that she’s a queen and she’s not afraid to show it -- barefaced, sweat, scars, and all. What’s the message behind the dance? As you are, you’re perfect and more than enough to be a queen.

'Yas Queen' lyric video featuring sisters Dani Idea and Angela Idea

Jensen Gomez being a true king, lets his queen, Dani Idea, shine in the Yas Queen music video. Here we see Dani slaying different queen personas from preppy to chic to ‘80s aerobics extravaganza while being a whole mood for 3 minutes. As Jensen Gomez stands beside her in some shots, we see a king supporting a queen in her element -- as it should be! 

What’s the main message of “Yas Queen”? You may be wearing different crowns, but are all queens nonetheless.

“Yas Queen” ft. Dani Idea by Jensen Gomez is the carrier single of “Phases Vol. 2”, Jensen’s second EP of the Phases trilogy.