5 fun and relaxing activities to do at Mountain Lake Resort, Caliraya Springs

Unknown to some of us, almost three hours away from the Metro, there’s this majestic man-made lake sitting at the top of the Cavinti Valley of Sierra Madre that generates hydroelectric power for Manila. 

This man-made lake is situated at 1,200 feet above sea level and spread at the vast of 10,777 hectares. Yes, you’ve read it right hectares, not square meters. With its vast body of water, wide land areas around it, and islets on it, Caliraya Lake in Cavinti, Laguna has become an oasis for people who grown weary of the city. 

Aside from breathtaking sceneries, there’s also a lot of fun and exciting activities that you, together with your friends and families can do here, since the area is surrounded by various resorts and amenities. One of these resorts is the Mountain Lake Resort, Caliraya Springs. 

Here are five exciting activities you can do here: 

  • Play Golf

Positioning itself as a sports tourism hub for golf, the Caliraya Springs is taking pride of its 36-hole golf course that promises exhilarating experience for any gold enthusiast. It means that playing on this 36-hole golf arena can take you from four up to eight hours to cap off a game. 

On top of it, the golf course has the breathtaking views of Caliraya Lake and Mt. Banahaw (but getting a glimpse of this mystic mountain depends on the weather upon visit). 

  • Camping with bonfire

Looking at the night sky, listening to the sounds of the lake, while getting cozy at the warmth coming from a bonfire could be a very relaxing experience for anyone who’s into camping. 

And all of this can be done in this same resort. For camping, you can choose from variety of accommodations such as glamping tent, cabins in modern bahay-kubo style, and boat house. 

  • Fishing

After enjoying a peaceful and relaxing night camp. You can go fishing the next day. With its vast water area, the lake is also rich with variety of fishes. Some of the fishes that you can catch here that is good for the plate are cream dori and tilapia. 

You can bring your own fishing rod and equipment, or you can also rent from the resort. 

  • Water activities

Aside from fishing, there are other water activities that you can enjoy here such as kayaking, riding a swan boat, banana boat, or jetski, and lake cruise. 

The lake cruise will take you to a 30-minute-long relaxing ride while the guide tells you fun facts about the area such as the celebrities who own some if the islets, the history of the area, and more. Lastly,

  • Different land activities

If you’re not a water person and prefer to enjoy activities on land, you will never run out of choices here as well. Aside from playing golf, you can also play archery, frisbee, and billiards. 

You can also explore the whole property by riding a kalesa, or via horseback riding, or biking. if you love adrenaline rush, you can also enjoy playing at obstacle course, slide and drop, and zipline and hanging bridge. 

The next time you’re looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, you may want to try visiting this resort. This will definitely give you the quiet time that you need as people won’t be able to reach you online since internet signal is not that accessible in this location. 

It is important to note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, you should book your reservation ahead of time at www.mountainlake.ph