Bishop reminds voting public : 'Take the elections seriously, vote with wisdom'

Published October 9, 2021, 9:28 AM

by Christina Hermoso

Balanga Bishop Ruperto C. Santos reminded the voting population to use their conscience in choosing the right leaders for the country in the coming national elections.

Bishop Ruperto Santos / Manila Bulletin photo

“We have to take the coming election seriously and conscientiously. Its results can affect us either with gratitude or regrets. To vote is our right. We have to exercise our right to vote with wisdom and choose the righteous persons,” Bishop Santos said over Radio Veritas.

The country’s future is at stake thus voters must be very careful in their choice of candidates, the Church leader stressed.

Santos said the voting public may use as guide the three G’s: God, Gospel and Good Manners as they exercise their right to vote in the May polls. Reject candidates who use guns, goons and gold, he added.

“Let us consider those candidates who firmly believe, have strong faith, and heartily accept God. Someone who reveres the Lord is afraid to offend Him and makes decisions according to His commandments. Anyone who professes his or her belief in God, lives according to His ways and makes Him the center of his or her life is a good choice,” Santos said.

Choose leaders who oppose the death bills such as extrajudicial killings, the death penalty, abortion, and the reproductive health law, the bishop said.

“Anyone who uses weapons or gives grease payments and bribes should never be considered for any position of leadership. Anyone who takes advantage of their government positions as a means of enriching themselves through privileges, perks, and exemption from rules and regulations, is NOT worthy of your votes,” Bishop Santos added.

The Church leader urged voters to get to know the candidates before they cast their votes.

“Having good manners is important. Our words must be inspiring and encouraging, not abusive, offensive, nor life-threatening. Good manners exhibit actions that are pleasing, helpful, and not self-serving. So, before we cast our votes, know your candidates’ character beforehand. They should be right and excellent examples of good morals,” Santos said.