Orchids are a favorite among gardeners everywhere. Aside from being captivating, they’re also low-maintenance. But that doesn’t mean that plant parents don’t want the best for their babies. 

Michael Perry, a UK gardening expert also known as Mr. Plant Geek, shares some tips on how to not only maintain orchids but also promote healthy growth.

Photo by Carissa Bongalosa from Pexels

He started by saying that orchids shouldn’t be watered with tap water. Tap water has added chemicals like chlorine to make it safe for human consumption. Higher levels of chlorine may cause more harm than good in orchids. For best results, use fresh water if available. 

Watering orchids should also be done once a week with enough water to make the soil moist. Overwatering can cause root rot and eventually kill the plant.

Another way to help orchids grow healthier is by emptying the contents of used tea bags around their soil once a month to provide them with nitrogen that promotes healthier and glossier blooms. 

Sprinkling crushed eggshells once a month around the soil will help in developing stronger root systems. 

These tips, along with proper research about the plant’s requirements, should assist the growth of orchids so that gardeners can enjoy beautiful, resilient blooms for a long time. 

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