The essence of beneficence

Published October 2, 2021, 12:05 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


Alex M. Eduque

Beneficence is defined as an act of kindness or charity. A good deed, if you will, with a strong essence of doing good for others. This has entirely encapsulated the very core of my partnership with a good friend of mine, Macky Fäh over the last six years. A creative collaboration of her scent genius and candle making with my design on the vessels for the benefit of the non-profit organization, MovEd, closest to my heart. To date, this collaboration, made possible entirely by the support of our loyal patrons and friends has gifted a total of twenty-eight children with a pre-school education.

The scent “Thrive” launched this partnership – a blend of fig, sea salt, and amber in limited edition vessels. The reception was warm and promising, and the outcome surely gave us the encouragement to journey on. It was, however, not until our third candle when Macky decided to create a new scent exclusive to MovEd, and this partnership, meaning that it would only be produced once a year, in limited quantities, and edition vessels. “Beneficence” was born. This blend of pine, amber, almond, vanilla and eucalyptus has since been our signature – it has filled many homes, and has captivated many hearts. It has also made a world of a difference in the lives of many. Essentially, Beneficence, is what made us thrive.

This year has been extra challenging for many. Compounded by the difficulties of the pandemic, and that last year has brought about, we felt that many homes needed that extra, yet subtle, spark, and sense of excitement – one that a lingering good scent is able to bring about. This year, we bring you, of course, our signature candles, in limited edition votives, and we are introducing Fäe’s first attempt at reed diffusers, in complimenting vessels that can be re-purposed and re-used as mini vases for your holiday tablescapes afterwards. Expect only the richest scent brought about by the most premium of essential oils, ceramic vessels, and votives, in the shape and texture of re-imagined artichokes – understated, with just the right amount of jazz, that, in my unbiased opinion, would go well in any home.

Every conversation with Macky has always been a source of inspiration for me. She tells it like it is, and I am someone who really appreciates that. All throughout this pandemic, and the never-ending cycle of lockdowns, Macky was one of the constants I always make a point to chat with, and make time for because she shares with me such positive energy. I will admit that my creative juices at one point ran a little bit dry, and then one fine Wednesday, Macky gifted me with a cookbook by Ottolenghi. As I browsed through the pages on my way home, I was captivated by the artichoke – its aesthetic complexity, and, how many recipes it can yield in a multitude of ways. That became my inspiration board. After all, it has been a year quite like an artichoke – it has been and continues to be one with multiple layers of complexities, rough and jagged edges. It has continued to remind us to go back to our roots, kept us at home for the most part, and has continued to ground us. Yet, at the same time, it has brought us back to our core, and its very essence despite its tediousness, when we take a step back is beautiful because it has built our strength and armor, reminding us what is truly important – in the same way that an artichoke is striking, and protects its innermost layers.

Beneficence has filled so many homes with the scent of hope and promise. To me, it has gifted me not only with another avenue to let my creative juices flow, but with a friendship I truly treasure. True to its meaning, it only brings positive energy, and gives good vibes – something everyone could use these days.


Beneficence candles and reed diffusers will be available for pre-order beginning Oct. 15th and will be produced in very limited quantities. For orders and inquiries, please send a direct message to @faeallnaturals on Instagram, or message Nina at 0921-528-7173.