VIRAL: Poor boy asks for one meal to share with his mom

Street children can still be seen out asking for money or food, but what made Jewel Calerio's Facebook post viral was the inspirational conversation she overhead this poor boy saying to his friend.

It started out with the boy asking Jewel, "Ate, bili mo po ako pagkain hati na kami ni mama. (Can you buy food for me and my mom?)" Jewel and her friend ask the boy where his mom was, to which the boy pointed out that his mom was beside the convenience store.

So they asked the boy what he wanted, and he answered that one order is okay already, and he will share with his mom. But the conversation didn't end there.

While waiting, Jewel and his friend overheard the boy talking to his friend, "Andaneng tao ngayon noh? Pag ako naging mayaman, tutulungan ko lahat ng mahirap (There's a lot of people, right? If I become rich, I will help all the poor)."

This made Jewel's day, saying in her post that the boy never asked for money. He also thanked Jewel so many times for the food. "As in kada mapatingin siya sa amin, nag-thank you siya. Nakakataba ng puso, mas masarap mag share ng blessings sa mga ganitong tao (It warms my heart. It's so good to shre our blessings to people like them). May God bless you and answer your prayers. I hope to see you helping more soon."