Look: Beach boho design room ideas for your tween girls

With a lot of time spent at home, parents are busy fixing up the house to make it more conducive for the whole family to live in. But what happens if children play a more active role in home renovations?

Mother-of-twins Loralee Soong was elated to find out that her 12-year-old daughters Gabbie and Noelle wanted to renovate their 30-square-meter room. They have never renovated their room and thought that it would be fun to do a makeover. And it turned into an exciting project that also became a mother-and-daughter bonding session.

"First, we searched for inspiration on Pinterest. Then, we created a mood board filled with all the things we liked. Our mom asked help from an interior designer to help us execute our ideas. The designers presented us with options and we chose the ones that we liked," shares the twins.

Loralee, being the executive director for SoFa Institute, had access to the best interior stylists. She asked the help of Kitty Bunag who is also one of the school's teachers via a virtual consultation.

The beach boho concept came to life with shades of beige and whites that filled the room and lots of textures that contribute to the tropical vibe. A yuca plant was also added to give a fresh feel to the room. They also repainted the walls and added new blinds, light fixtures, carpet, throw blankets, pillows, sofa, and pouf."

The twins' requests included, "One thing we wanted was a hanging chair and before quarantine our grandma got us one when she went to South America. Another thing that we wanted was a couch/sitting area. Lastly we wanted a full length arch mirror."

When asked what their favorite part of the room is, it's the lounge area. "We wanted a place for people to be able to sit down and relax. Our favorite piece is the couch, because we have been wanting one for a very long time. We like the way it turned out."

And Loralee agrees, "It's where I usually sit and catch up with the girls."