Don't be duped! Pinoys warned on 'criminals' posing as home sanitizers

Published September 30, 2021, 6:16 PM

by Ellson Quismorio

The Philippine government has warned Filipinos Thursday, Sept. 30, about the modus operandi of “criminals” who pose as home sanitizers amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

(Masjid Pogung Dalangan/ Unsplash)

In an advisory posted by state-run Philippine News Agency (PNA) on its social media pages, these posers have allegedly “looted many houses” with their gimmick.

“There are NO groups authorized by the government to sanitize homes from [COVID-19],” the advisory read.

“Please be alert and careful. Kindly inform all family and friends not to open their door to any person or group claiming to be in charge of any party to sanitize homes from the virus,” it stated.

“These criminals have looted many houses with this deceptive method. Please circulate as broadly as necessary,” it further said.

Constant cleaning or sanitation of the household and its surroundings is important in keeping the new coronavirus at bay, health experts have said.