Lani Misalucha shares pain losing a grandchild

Many already know about singer Lani Misalucha's battle with hearing loss after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

Not many are aware that beyond that, she suffered another painful experience.

Lani lost a grandson.

She opened up about it at the virtual press conference for “The Clash 2021” on Tuesday.

She related, “I lost a grandson. ’Yan talaga ang ’di ko mate-take, na makita ko na they were in the hospital.”

“Okay na sa akin ’yung nagkasakit kami, nakayanan namin ’yun, nalagpasan namin ’yun. ’Yung image sa akin na hindi ko mabura sa utak ko, ’yung my daughter is in a hospital bed and she has her son in her arms na wala na.”

Lani admitted 2020 was a huge challenge for her family, noting, "Ang dami nangyayari talaga noong 2020. Ang dami kong kaibigan na nawala rin.”

But she remains hopeful things will only get better.

She said, “Might as well accept it ’di ba? You cannot blame anyone and you cannot even ask God why all are these happening.”

“Just rely on God’s purpose for you ... use it as something that would make you stronger,” she added.

Lani will be busy as judge of “The Clash,” which will start airing its fourth season on Oct. 2.