De Los Santos Medical Center Offers Telemedicine Services via CheckApp Rx

Published September 29, 2021, 1:00 PM

by MB Lifestyle

It’s safe and easy!

Getting in touch with a De Los Santos Medical Center (DLSMC) doctor for a consultation is now made
more convenient with CheckApp Rx, a new telemedicine platform developed by Metro Pacific Hospital
Holdings, Inc. (MPHHI).

The platform enables patients to schedule either a face-to-face to virtual consultation with their doctor,
order medicines, pay online, and download their tests results, e-prescription or e-medical certificate.
Doctors are also able to schedule their patients for outpatient tests and procedures. The system also
accommodates HMO transactions.

IT’S SO EASY. Getting an online consultation with a DLSMC doctor is convenient with CheckApp Rx.

In its next phases, CheckApp Rx will also offer other value-added services such as chronic disease
management and predictive check-ups.

For guaranteed data privacy and security, the platform runs on the Microsoft Health Cloud which is
certified to be compliant with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
To access CheckApp Rx, patients must visit and register an account. Once
registered, they can already browse the different services in the site. The site can also be accessed
through the DLSMC official website at through the Telemed tab.
With DLSMC as the pilot hospital for CheckApp Rx in its launch phase, other hospitals belonging to the
Metro Pacific hospital group will also soon be included in the succeeding months to give patients more
options for their healthcare needs.