Mikee Quintos unveils her most authentic self in debut track ‘Just Enough’

Mikee Quintos

By Kirsten Jaine Cabueños

GMA Playlist and Actress Mikee Quintos embarks on her music debut with the single “Just Enough,” a mellow bubble-pop song defining her perception of love.

With the results favoring the actress’ endeavors like topping the Philippine iTunes chart, a music streaming platform, everybody awaits for her next step as a musician.

“My biggest goal is to release my own written songs and showcase them at a concert,"says Quintos in a Zoom interview.

“I cannot grasp the idea of performing my own songs, I think I’ll go insane,” she exclaims.

Quintos shared that she only started venturing into songwriting last year. Asked if she’s taking additional vocal lessons or training, she answered that she is not currently enrolled in one but she has plans on trying songwriting workshops.

She expresses her excitement as she wishes to release more singles under the screen name of Mikee. It is a milestone for the actress to dive into music as Mikee Quintos and not as played roles in her dramas. Quintos released songs in the past like “Panaginip” and “Awit ni Lira” for dramas “Encantadia” and “Mulawin vs Ravena.”

A song is not complete without setting an inspiration.

Mikee explains that “Just Enough” is dedicated to “Sweeties," a label for her loyal fans. With the intention of igniting motivation on people’s productivity during the pandemic. “I had personal input in this song, especially during and after recording, I would ask for notes of improvement like refining the lyrics up to details like drum flares. I was very keen to monitor it." Quintos recounts. “I’m extremely grateful for my team. I would not trust any other people to handle the production, especially Ms. Roxy, who was very patient with me,” she adds.

Quintos pridefully explains that she kept her emotions raw and genuine to convey the message of the song, that “Just Enough” is genuine. However, people can nitpick on any topic, and comparisons can become an avenue for hatred and generate insecurities. The actress-singer voiced her worries when it comes to the reception of her works.

“I really would prepare myself physically and mentally for comments especially when people point out similarities. I get anxious and nervous.” Quintos states.

Mikee links it to characterization. It is as if she’s delving into a heavy emotional role.

Instead, Mikee manifests a balanced mindset, looking both at the positivity and the negativity. She calls herself a sponge who absorbs both values to prevent from being dawned on praises or harsh words. “Don’t get too emotional, detach from the negatives, and also don't be so full with the positives,” Mikee advises.

She also shared that she checks the reactions after, rather than keeping track of it in real-time.

Produced by GMA's newest sub-label, GMA Playlist, and written & composed by Roxy Fabian, “Just Enough” is ready for download on iTunes and streaming, on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and other music platforms. The music video for “Just Enough” is set to be viewed soon.