GOSSIP GIRL: Marco Gallo gets real

Marco Gallo

“Whaaaaat?!?” was my first reaction in my head. Was there something wrong with the Internet connection that he was not able to understand my question? The kid looked serious, so it wasn’t a prank. But it really felt like one. I was flustered pink and embarrassed for the obvious miscommunication. For the record, I did not ask newcomer Marco Gallo if his pxxxx is big. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! Let me rewind the events, so you will have a clearer picture of what we are all talking about. 

If you have not watched the latest teaser of "Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso" which at this moment has 16.4 million views across all social media, the half Italian, half Filipino actor is seen butt-naked taking a shower in the province while three people are peeping. The movie’s writer and director Daryll Yap explains how game Marco is in shooting the movie, “Before I even cast Marco for the role, I already told Viva that I need a guy who will be okay to show his butt onscreen. They suggested Marco and since I was working with him in 'Gluta,' I took the opportunity to ask him. I told him that I will be doing another project that needed a half Filipino-Half European character. The problem is he will have to show his butt because it is needed for the punchline to work in the movie. He said he was game, so I gave him the role. When we were about to film his scene, I told him to go to the make-up room, so they can put make-up in his butt. Then he said no need, my butt doesn’t need make-up. Then I told him to put the plaster to protect his front area from being seen by the entire Siquijor and he said again no need because the plaster would stick to his pubes, and it will be very painful to take out. So we filmed the scene with the whole Siquijor watching….”

Since we were on that topic, I put my attention on the half Italian actor with my intention to ask him why he was so comfortable in his own skin, but since it was a risky question and I was a lady, I tried to go around the bush, (to Marco) “Regarding your butt exposure and your showing everybody your…. ahhhm…the frontal nudity you bared in Siquijor….is it because you are well-endowed that you didn’t mind that everybody will see your…(more beating around the bush) I mean you're half Italian ….siempre you would inherit some Italian blood…….”,  I was about to complete my question to ask why he was so comfortable in his own skin, but Direk Daryl came in the picture to give a joke. 

“Giselle, Marco  is half-Italian but after shooting that scene he seemed Hungarian to me. Hahahaha!”, joked Daryll Yap.

Then Lassy made a quick follow-up, “Oo talaga Hungarian. Tapos na-hungry kami mga bakla!” blurted Lassy, one of the comedian stars of the movie. So you can imagine that the topic was all about Marco and his Hungarian sausage. 

So without me finishing my question, Marco assumed, “So basically your question is if my pxxxs is big or not? “ 

I wanted to be buried six feet under the ground that instant. The truth was, my question was just really simple – Why are you so comfortable in your own skin? It was a good question, so others can emanate and be comfortable in their own skin as well.  I was just taken aback by his question like someone pushed me off a balancing beam, and I was trying my best not to fall off the beam. This is sooo weird because when I do my stand-up comedy, I am the one that makes people feel awkward by doing my naughty punchlines. Suddenly when the tables were turned, I suddenly didn’t know how to handle the situation and for three seconds I fell down to pieces, “No,no,no. I am not asking if you're pxxxx is big or not, what I am trying to say is that most Filipinos would be embarrassed to do frontal nudity. But because you think you have an advantage with other Filipinos because of your genes, you didn’t mind showing …..”, without me finishing my sentence, Marco cut me off immediately to show me that he got my drift. I think he knew I was drowning in my own saliva and since he got what I was trying to express across, he saved me from drowning. Thank goodness the kid was smart, so he got my question. 

“It wasn’t really the advantage of my genes. It was more of …I didn’t want to cause any delay. I didn’t want to be a hassle on the set, so I just did what I was supposed to do because we were kinda rushing because of the sun and stuff… You know it’s a shower scene and I had to take a shower.” Thank you, Marco, for answering the question without malice and putting me back in balance. A lesson of the story for me, never asks naughty questions when you cannot handle the answers. 

On Oct. 1, "Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso" will be shown on the  Vivamax app which you can be downloaded in your phones or on your computers. The movie stars Marco Gallo, Aubrey Caraan and the viral comedians Chad Kinis, MC and Lassy.